UPDATE: Snow crashes Scarborough sports dome

If you live or work in the area of McCowan and the 401, then you may have noticed something missing.

The Metro Golf Dome, is normally easily seen from the highway, but not so much anymore.

The large, white, inflatable dome came crashing down after the snow earlier this week.

Many of the permenant structures attached to the dome, are still standing.

But this has left golfers, and soccer leagues scrambling to find space to play in the city.

Sadly, many other locations are booked up for the season.

The owner of the dome has been sitting in his office, and looks as deflated as the dome he once looked out on.

But he's refused to comment to NEWSTALK1010.

The head of a soccer league though, says it could be as long as six months, before the dome is resurrected.

(from Siobhan Morris)

S. Morris

S. Morris

S. Morris