Environment Canada issues a winter storm warning for Toronto, GTA

Even the people at Environment Canada are suggesting you stay home tomorrow, if you don't have to be out.

There's a winter storm warning in effect for Toronto and the rest of the GTA, with snow expected to begin between 4 and 5 o'clock on Tuesday morning.

This storm is not going to slowly ramp up though, according to Gerald Cheng from Environment Canada.

"If you can work from home, do so, because it's certainly going to be bad right from the begining."

He says we'll start to see heavy snow falling around 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning, just as most people are in the midst of their commute to either school or work.

"We're talking about 10-15cms of snow just in that period, between early in the morning and early in the afternoon. So that's quite a bit of snow in a short period of time." says Cheng.

From there, the precipitation will change to ice pellets and possibly even freezing rain through the afternoon and into the evening.

Things will taper off overnight into Wednesday, but the light snow will linger.

"It won't be another 10cms, more like less than 2cms through the day on Wednesday."

But another variable that will make things even messier, will be the wind, with gusts to 80km/h at times on Tuesday.

So, it will be both the morning, and afternoon commutes that will be affected by this storm.