UPDATE: Some Toronto residents being charged twice for taxes

Some Toronto residents were checking their bank accounts today.

And some, were rather empty.

The City of Toronto confirmed to NEWSTALK1010, that some residents were charged twice for their property taxes.

Officials were made aware of the problem on Wednesday morning, and say they had it fixed by the afternoon.

But this wasn't just one or two people affected.

"There are about 44 thousand accounts that have been affected, and we've worked with Royal Bank to ensure the additional withdrawal is reversed." says city spokesperson Jackie D'Sousa.

The issue was, that instead of pulling out the proper amount for the automatic withdrawal on property tax payments, the same withdrawal is coming out twice.

Because the money is being returned on the same day it was taken out, it should mean that no NSF charges will show up in any accounts.

"If customers find that the charges aren't reversed or they have received NSF charges, they should call 3-1-1, and the city will resolve the problem."