Update: Special air quality statement has ended for Toronto

A special weather statement due to poor air quality has ended for Toronto.

The statement was issued early this morning because Air quality levels in Toronto were alarmingly off for Environment Canada.

Speaking to NEWSTALK1010 Saturday morning, Environment Canada's Kelly Hobelman confirmed some high levels of air pollution had developed in parts of Toronto. 

"We have a few stations across the city that have been reporting higher levels of pollution, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matters. This has raised high enough levels that we have had to issue a special air quality statement for the city."

According to the agency, the observed AQHI values for Toronto are generally in the moderate risk category, however light winds and stagnating weather conditions resulted in increasing levels that persisted for several hours, before improving around noon.

Hobelman added the nice dry and sunny weather in the city was actually to blame for the poor air quality.

"Because we have this nice calm ridge of high pressure over us, we have all these pollutants building up this morning and that has led to the poor air quality conditions."

There was a warning for individuals who may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath.  

Exposure to air pollution is particularly a health concern for people with heart or breathing problems, those with diabetes, children and the elderly.

Again, the national weather agency has lifted a special air quality statement for Toronto issued this morning.

with files from Environment Canada