UPDATE: Sunshine list grows to more than 123,000 names

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The province has released its newest Sunshine List, civil servants who make six figures, and it has ballooned some more this year.

There are more than 123,000 public sector employees making over $100,000, up from 115,000 last year.

Some experts argue the list is now so long, that important information is being lost in the pages of data.

Does the release of the Sunshine List influence what political party you support?

When the list was created in the mid-90s, a salary of $100,000 was the equivalent of just under $150,000 today. If the list was adjusted to reflect inflation, the government said last year it would shrink by more than 80 per cent.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she has no plans to change the threshold used to create the Sunshine List.

York University associate professor Daniel Cohn says he would shrink the list by including only the salaries of big decision makers like CEOs, presidents, chairmen, and the people who report directly to them.

"The list is so big now, those people can essentially hide in the weeds within all that data that's released," Cohn says.

It's the decision makers, he says, who matter.

"I would focus more on that than the actual salaries because those are the people who make decisions that impact how the rest of the organization works."

At the top of the list once more is the CEO of Ontario Power Generation, with total compensation of just under $1.2-million. It is interesting to note, that is down from $1.5-million the previous year.

Second on the list is William Moriarty, president of the University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation with compensation of $1.05-million, the only other person on the list above a million.