UPDATE: Three bank robberies in under 30 minutes in Scarborough

It's not often that you hear of a story like this.

A Monday-morning bank robbing spree, and police think the same man is responsible.

Toronto Police say all happened in the northern part of Scarborough, starting at 9:42am in the Sheppard and Markham Road area.

The next call came at 10:01, from a bank at Progress and Brimley and the final one came seven minutes after that a bank near Midland and Finch.

Police say it appears to be the same man who is responsible for all three robberies, based on the descriptions from all locations.

Less than an hour after the final robbery, police recovered a black SUV, believed to be the getaway vehicle. They also arrested a suspect who they say did not match the descriptions given at the robberies.

That means officers are still looking for one man.

No injuries have been reported, but in at least two of the robberies, there were reports that a gun was seen.

Police say he didn't go in waving the gun around, but simply talked to a bank employee, indicating his intentions.