UPDATE: Toronto cop involved in '16 McArthur arrest wants case heard by judge

A Toronto police officer who is facing disciplinary charges in connection with a 2016 arrest of serial killer Bruce McArthur wants his case heard by a judge.

Sgt. Paul Gauthier's lawyer told a disciplinary tribunal the case must go before an independent adjudicator rather than a police superintendent assigned by Chief Mark Saunders.

Lawrence Gridin began to make submissions on the issue today but was told it was too early in the process.

Gauthier was scheduled to make his first appearance on insubordination and neglect of duty charges but was not present at the hearing, which was then adjourned to Feb. 26.

Neither police not Gridin would comment on the exact nature of the charges, which relate to Gauthier's role in an incident in which McArthur was arrested but not charged.

Gridin said outside the hearing that the evidence will show his client ``contributed'' to the identification of McArthur as a serial killer and did not detract from the investigation.