UPDATE: Toronto Hydro scrambles to reconnect more than 21,000 homes & businesses

The latest estimate from Toronto Hydro is that more than 21,000 homes and businesses do not have electricity as strong winds batter southern Ontario.

The outages started in Toronto around 11:00am Wednesday.

Hydro One estimates 82,000  people are in the dark across the province.

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning, with potential gusts reaching or exceeding 90km/h

The forecast calls for the high winds to peak around 7pm before tapering off overnight.

Toronto Hydro spokesperson Tori Gass says they have a lineup of calls they haven't been able to get to, but they are trying their best.

She says crews will go to areas where there is a risk to public safety first, before attacking the others.

Toronto Police had a list of issues they were dealing with, like construction debris blowing around, or trees being knocked over by the wind.

So far, there have been no injuries caused by the high winds.

In Mississauga, a construction crane partially collapsed at a condo building under construction near Erin Mills and Eglinton.