UPDATE: WATCH: Plane skids off runway and nearly into sea







A harrowing ride for passengers aboard a Turkish airliner late Saturday night.

The Pegasus Airline's Boeing 737-800 skidded off a runway after a possible bird strike and got stuck in the mud on the edge of a cliff in Turkey and narrowly missed plunging into the sea.

"We tilted to the side. The front was down while the plane's rear was up. There was panic, people shouting, screaming," passenger Fatma Gordu was quoted as saying.

The aircraft may have been saved from sliding right down by saved by a frozen muddy slope just metres from the sea below.

All 162 passengers and 6 crew members on board the aircraft were evacuated safely.

Dramatic video of the passengers scrambling, some with children, to try and get off the plane is shown below.

The aircraft was flying from the Turkish capital Ankara to Trabzon Airport when it ended up careering off the runway.

The local governor, Yucel Yavuz, said an investigation had been launched into the accident.

with files from BBC news