UPDATE: Woman and man dead, boy injured in Brampton stabbing

Ontario's police watchdog says a man and woman are dead and a 12-year-old boy is seriously injured after what investigators believe is a domestic incident in Brampton.

The Special Investigations Unit says officers with Peel Regional Police were called to a home in the city late Wednesday and found the 47-year-old man in the bathroom with stab wounds.

SIU spokeswoman Monica Hudon says the man died in the home shortly after midnight, while the woman died after being taken to hospital.

She says the boy was seriously injured but managed to leave the home and go to a neighbour's house, where a 911 call was made.

The boy was also taken to hospital with serious injuries, and the SIU says he is expected to survive.

Hudon says a three-year-old girl left the home separately, and went to another neighbour's house uninjured.

The SIU is investigating what happened between officers and the man in the bathroom, while Peel police are probing what happened before investigators arrived at the home.

A kitchen knife in an evidence bag sits on the dash of a Peel Police cruiser. Cops won’t say if it was used in the attacks inside a home on Quarry Edge Drive that ended two lives and put a 12-year-old boy in hospital.

NEWSTALK 1010/Siobhan Morris