UPDATE: Woman's body, car pulled from Lake Ontario

A woman's body and the car she was driving have been pulled from waters of Lake Ontario some 19 hours after she slipped beneath the surface.

Police believe they know the woman's identity. Her body was recovered at about 9:30 a.m. Friday. A smashed up silver Toyota Corolla followed about 90 minutes later.

Toronto Police say they have video of the car speeding, smashing through a guardrail on Cherry St Thursday afternoon and plunging into the lake near Polson St.

Two bystanders jumped into the water in an attempt to help. One was gone by the time police arrived while the other was taken to hospital after being exposed to the cooler water.

It took time for divers to locate the car underwater. Thursday As daylight faded, police said it was unsafe for them to try to retrieve the woman. Recovery efforts were put on hold until morning.

It is not clear why the car went into the water--whether there was a mechanical problem with the car, the driver suffered a medical episode, made a driving error or intentionally drove in.

with files from Dave Bradley and Justine Lewkowicz