UPDATE: York University contract faculty, staff reject latest offer, strike deadline on Monday

It's the news York University students were hoping to avoid today.

About 37-hundred contract faculty and teaching assistants have voted to strike on Monday, if a resolution is not reached with the university by then.

They rejected the latest offer, asking the union to continue bargaining over the weekend if the administration agrees to sit down again.

The faculty and staff have been without a contract since August and have been at the table with the university for two months.

The union says the administration is still not budging on job security for contract faculty, protecting funding for teaching assistants, and maintaining employment levels for graduate assistants. 

The university says if there is a strike, the classes that can continue will still be running. 

Decisions on which classes and tutorials will have to be suspended will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The following is a statement from York University:

"Nothing is more important to York University than our students and their success. Early this evening, CUPE 3903 announced that it has formally rejected the University's final offer. They also passed a motion to go back to bargaining over the weekend. The University provided its best offer on March 2, at CUPE's request. We have said all along that we would go to binding arbitration to resolve the most difficult issues. We are having discussions with the conciliator this evening to see if there is a basis for settlement."