UPDATED: Metrolinx considers random drug and alcohol tests

Metrolinx is considering random drug and alcohol testing for its employees following a similar move by the TTC last month.

"We're watching that really closely," says Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins.

Implementation may be a challenge though. 

"The law, as it currently is worded, is a bit murky," Aikins says. "The TTC knows that as well but they have special permission through arbitration to move forward with (random testing)."

She says Metrolinx is also reviewing its fitness-for-duty policy which includes other aspects such as physical and emotional health. Supervisors currently do random checks to assess the condition of drivers but they do not include random drug or alcohol tests.

Operators for GO trains and the UP Express are employed by Bombardier, under contract for Metrolinx. Aikins says both Metrolinx and Bombardier test for drugs and alcohol under certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, the TTC has confirmed a fifth employee has failed a random screening. It brings the total number of failed tests to five since testing began on May 8th.

The TTC says none of the five are drivers.