UPDATED: Tory and Trudeau talk Charter of rights

Mayor John Tory is calling on the Prime Minister to speak up after what was a dizzying day in city politics.

Monday morning a Superior Court Justice ruled in favour of the city's legal challenge to Bill 5, which would reduce the size of council down to 25 from 47.

Monday afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford invoked a rarely used clause in Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, known as the notwithstanding clause, to essentially override the court decision.

Tory met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday night.

"I certainly did suggest that he may want to be thinking about lending his voice to this issue," Tory told Moore in the Morning on Tuesday.

He says he also expressed concern about the long-term implications for Toronto and Canada, "of a statement that was made by a premier of the biggest province...that he intends to make more routine use of (the notwithstanding clause) when it's something that's hardly been used at all in the country up until now."

Trudeau was already in Toronto on other business and met with Tory at the mayor's office Monday night.

MPP's will return to Queen's park on Wednesday to introduce new legislation to cut city council.

Tory has also called an emergency council meeting on Thursday to further discuss the ramifications of the notwithstanding clause and possible legal action that may be taken.