Van attack victim wants to stare down Minassian in court

Over a week after Monday's van attack, Catherine Riddell is starting to get restless.

She is one of the victims who survived on Yonge Street.

Once again Tuesday she will wake up in a hospital bed with serious injuries (According to the Toronto Star: cervical spine fractures, broken ribs, and a fractured pelvis and clavicle) that will take weeks to recover from.

But she's determined to get better, in part, because she there's something she wants to do.

Face the man accused of running her down with a rented van.

Riddell tells the Star from her hospital bed she’s thinking about staring down Alec Minasyan in court, forcing him to answer to her.

The 67 year old woman is one of van attack victims still in hospital. It could be at least late June before she's released.

But Catherine Riddell is trying to stay positive.

In an interview with the Star she says she is grateful she survived but also feels guilty for somehow making it, while 10 others didn't