Vegas shooter fired at aviation fuel tanks "with intent"

Authorities the Las Vegas shooter fired at aviation fuel tanks ``with intent.''
Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Friday that Stephen Paddock shot at the fuel tanks at McCarran International Airport near the Mandalay Bay hotel, where he opened fire onto a concert crowd below.
Paddock killed 58 people before shooting himself.
Lombardo says the airport is reviewing safety measures and has contacted experts in fuel storage but that there's a low probability aviation fuel could be ignited by gunfire.
The sheriff says 45 people injured in the massacre earlier this month remain hospitalized in critical condition.

The FBI adds that they have conducted hundreds of interviews and followed almost 2,000 leads, but so far they have not found a motive for the massacre. 

Authorities also say Paddock had no visual abnormalities in his brain.
Lombardo says that an autopsy found nothing unusual during a visual inspection, but his brain was shipped to a facility to look for any minute problems.