Veteran PC MPP claims rumours about Patrick Brown's alleged behaviour swirled weeks before scandal

A Progressive Conservative politician says she flagged rumours about Patrick Brown to his campaign team weeks before the party's former leader resigned amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

Lisa MacLeod, a member of the Ontario legislature, says ``there were lots of things that were percolating that a lot of people heard'' over a period of time.

MacLeod says she was told the allegations were unfounded.

She would not elaborate on the nature of the allegations but said they were ``similar'' to those brought forward this week by two women who spoke to CTV News. The Canadian Press has not independently verified those allegations.

Brown stepped down as Ontario PC leader early Thursday after emphatically denying what he called ``troubling allegations'' about his conduct and his character.

The party's caucus is meeting today to select an interim leader and determine whether Brown will be allowed to remain in caucus.