VIDEO: Here's what happened just before the Broncos bus crash

As Humboldt, Saskatchewan and all of Canada starts to come to grips with the devestating bus crash that killed 15, we're now hearing for the first time, from one of the survivors.

Nick Shumlanski tells CTV News he doesn't remember much but he can recall the moments before the crash involving the team bus and a transport truck.

He says he was knocked out.

He remembers getting a hold of a phone and calling his parents who live less than half a kilometre from the crash site.

They were there within minutes. Myles Shumlanski struggles to talk about what he saw.

He only says that it was a scene of chaos and that in a way he wishes he wasn't there at all.

Nick was one of only two members of the Humboldt Broncos who made it to Sunday night's memorial service.