Want to run for Mayor?

The nominations open May 1st, for those hoping to become the next mayor or city councillor in Toronto.

Canadiates can start filing their paperwork with the clerks office as soon as the doors open.

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he intends to run for re-election, but if you want to run against him what do you need?

"The first form confirms you're a Canadian citizen, that you're 18 or older and you're not otherwise disqualified, meaning you're not a judge, an MPP or MP or you're not in jail at the moment." says municipal law expert, and lawyer John Mascarin.

But you'll also have a second form to fill out if you're in Toronto.

"You have to actually have 25 people endorsing you to run for council or mayor." says Mascarin.

And the timing of this is important, because you only can legally start collecting money for your campaign, after you file your papers.

"You're supposed to be only able to collect after you've registered to run for office."

But Mascarin says for a legitimate run for the Mayors office, you'll need every penny you can get your hands on, with a legitimate run to the Mayor's office, usually requiring somewhere in the 1.5 million dollar range.