WATCH: Are downtown gas stations going the way of the Dodo Bird?

It may not be long before the idea of a downtown gas station is as out of date as the Betamax and shag carpeting.

The last set of pumps in downtown Vancouver is on sale.

There is no price attached to the listing for the 17, 292 sq ft property, but the CBC reports it has been valued at $36 million. CTV reports a smaller, slightly smaller gas station nearby sold this month for $72 million.

At least one gas industry watcher wouldn't be surprised to see something similar happen in Toronto over the next few years.

"Real estate values are far more lucrative than what you make selling gasoline," says Dan McTeague with "You could see the disappearance of three or four key stations that serve the downtown area."

The Toronto Archives, gas station at Spadina and Wellington, 1972

There are fewer than 10 gas stations currently serving Toronto's core. The CBC reports the land that houses a Petro Canada station at Spadina Ave and Wellington St at $18.2 million. The Shell station across the street, $8.4 million.

Drivers at the Spadina stations Thursday expressed surprise at Vancouver's sell-off and worried about where they would fill up if more of Toronto's downtown stations vanished.

Among them, Noah, if the gas station exodus continues, city hall should intervene.

Mayor John Tory was asked about the issue on NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning Thursday.

While Tory expressed some concern about the impact of rising property values on gas stations, he's more focused on other infrastructure like parks, schools and transit.

with files from Justine Lewkowicz