WATCH: Banksy print valued at $45,000 stolen from Toronto exhibit

Toronto police are investigating an art theft from the Banksy exhibit that is in Toronto for a month. 

Banksy is a world famous and anonymous British street artist who uses graffiti as a form of activism. 

One of the prints that was to be put on display was stolen over the weekend. 

It is called Trolley Hunters and police say it has a value of $45,000. 

"I am wholly dismayed to hear that this work was stolen," says Ryland Behrens, founder of the Hexagon gallery in California. 

The print shows cavemen holding weapons towards a bunch of shopping carts. 

"My interpretation of that work is a very sardonic or sarcastic look at the imposing nature of consumerism in society," Behrens says.

"It is a truly iconic work from the mid-2000s."

Police have not released any further information about their investigation. 

Trolley Hunters by Banksy