WATCH: 'Crane girl' pleads guilty

The saga of Toronto's "crane girl" is over.

NEWSTALK 1010 has learned that Marisa Lazo, the woman who scaled a crane at a construction site near Church St and Wellesley St E in April pleaded guilty to mischief on December 29th.

Lazo was charged with six counts of mischief by interfering with property. Lazo pleaded guilty to two of those counts and a spokesman for the Ministry of the Attorney General says the other four were withdrawn.

The thrill-seeker wasn't given any penalty beyond a $100 victim surcharge, a kind of court administration fee.

Lazo, a dual citizen, was forced to surrender her U.S. passport after her arrest in April and had to stay away from construction sites and rooftops.

The case riveted Torontonians as they cast their eyes skyward. Lazo's stunt which shut down a stretch of Wellesley St for several hours during the morning rush made headlines across North America.

Firefighters said at the time that they believed Lazo climbed up the crane, crawled out along the boom, and slid down a cable to a large pulley, where she was stranded.

Toronto Fire Capt. Rob Wonfor, who rescued Lazo by rappelling down the towering machinery with her, said he was impressed she had been able to scale the crane unharmed.

"She has to tell me how she did it, because she has to be our new training officer for high-angle (rescue) because it's impressive," Wonfor said after the rescue. "It was hard enough for me to go up with ropes and harnesses and she free-climbed that."

The rescue reportedly cost the construction company more than $60,000.

Lazo's climb did not seem to come as a surprise to friends.

"She's very adventurous and competitive and just, honestly probably did it to see if she could, or just to be alone," Samantha Burgers told NEWSTALK 1010 in April.

"She's always there for the thrill," another friend, Sara Burton told reporters at Lazo's first court appearance.

with files from the Canadian Press