WATCH: Crown's case in Raposo murder reads like movie plot

The Crown prosecutor's case in the John Raposo murder trial reads like a movie plot.

Almost five years after an execution-style shooting on a crowded Little Italy patio, the trial against four men charged with first-degree murder has started at a University Ave courthouse.

Raposo was shot in the head four times at close range at the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe in June, 2012.

He was watching a Euro Cup soccer match in the middle of the day when witnesses say a man wearing a construction vest opened fire.

The four accused sat in separate prisoners' boxes Wednesday, with nine court officers on hand and the seven men and five women who will decide their fate across the courtroom.

Prosecutor Maurice Gillezeau began with his opening statement, an outline of the evidence the Crown will present in the weeks to come.

Gillezeau alleges that one of the accused, Dean Wiwchar, was the "assassin," a hired hitman.

He further alleges the other three accused were involved in importing cocaine along with the victim, Raposo.

Gillezeau told the jury that Nick Nero, another of the accused, iniatiated a plot to kill Raposo after calling him a "rat who should be killed."

The Crown goes on to claim that Wiwchar did drive-bys of Raposo's home and a cafe he frequented a couple of weeks before the murder, and that he was under police surveillance at the time.

Wiwchar was allegedly aware of the surveillance and left the city. Gillezeau told the jury he then returned to Toronto under a fake name, "following a circuitous route" from Vancouver, to "finish the job."

"This time there was no surveillance on Wiwchar," the Crown alleges.

Five days later, Raposo was killed.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.