WATCH: 'Dysfunctional' York Region school board officials to be reformed, not replaced

A review of the trustees and leadership atop York Region's public school board reveals an organization that is devoid of strong, ethical managers and one that is consumed by in-fighting and dysfunction.

That is the main contention of a government review that claims there is a "deficit of leadership" at the York Regional District School Board.

It has been mired in controversy over racist comments by a trustee, and questionable travel spending by some of its officials.

The report, released on Tuesday, talks about a lack of "proper governance" and a lack of understanding of behalf of Board leaders about their "responsibility of equity."

It makes 26 recommendations and says that if the Board cannot prove that its getting its act together quickly, Ontario's Education Minister should intervene.

Mitzie Hunter says she's already issued more than 20 orders to the Board to help bring it into line.

That includes the suspension of all international travel by Board members and employees.

Hunter's plan calls for reforming the leadership through new rules, new bureaucracy, and re-training, rather than replacing troublemakers.