WATCH: "Go back to your f-----g country!"

A video taken at a Lethbridge, Alberta Denny's is going viral this week after a woman at a nearby table verbally attacked a group of men, telling them they're not Canadian and that they should "go back to [their] f-----g country."

Management reportedly called the police saying they do not tolerate this kind of racist behaviour at Denny's.

"I am embarrassed to learn that this incident happened in Lethbridge," Chris Spearman, Mayor of Lethbridge posted to Facebook. "We are working hard to address racism and bigotry but can not prevent ignorance and the hostile behaviour of individuals."

The woman in question, has been identified as Kelly Pocha, and on Wednesday, she said she was sorry.  But as part of the apology, Pocha says it is not fair that the exchange has gone viral on social media.

Still, that didn't seem to be enough to save her job.