WATCH: Hamilton police investigating group of vandals that caused extensive damage

Hamilton police updated their investigation into a group of about 30 people wearing black clothing broke store front windows and damaged vehicles with rocks in the city Saturday night.

Police initially received a number of reports about a large group causing mischief in  Durand park aroiund 10 p.m.

Members of the group, according to police, were dressed in black, had their faces covered, and were carrying a banner that read “We Are The Ungovernables.”

According to Hamilton Police Inspector Paul Hamilton, the group set off fireworks, damaged vehicles, and threw rocks at store windows.

"We had to amass a large contingent of police officers to deal with the group. A number of officers from all three patrol divisions as well as our ACTION team, emergency response unit and K-9 unit to confront the group."

Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger only found out about the vandalism Sunday morning, but headed to the scene to speak to the business owners and home owners as a show of support for the neighbourhood. The mayor praised the quick work of his police force.   

"You know a difficult one to do when you're surprised. I think they delt with it properly but they're all over it right now and to find out who these people are and make sure they appropriately get to apply their philosophy in jail."

Eisenberger was fairly confident the people of Hamilton will band together and move forward from the incident.   

"I know people will continue to come out and support and as long as they do that everything will be fine."

Officers remained in the area for the rest of the night, trying to take an inventory of the damage, collect evidence, and speak to witnesses.

Investigators are asking victims and witnesses of the vandalism to contact police at 905-546-3816. Anyone with security video or dash camera footage in the neighbourhood can also contact police or Crime Stoppers.

with files from CP24