WATCH: How do the Leafs and Raptors share the same space?


It's a good thing when you have two teams in the playoffs.

But it poses a problem, when those two teams are different sports and play in the same arena.

That's the case for the Raptors and the Leafs, who both share the Air Canada Center.

So how does that work, exactly?

Believe it or not, it only takes about six or seven hours to switch from one sport to the next.

The secret to the change-over, is keeping the ice in.

"I don't think most people would have imagined that, I think most people would have assumed that when a basketball court or a concert stage goes in, the ice comes out. But that's just impractical."

Nick Eaves would know. He's the Chief Venue and Operations Officer at the ACC and he says they usually take on upwards of 200 changes every year.

Through most of it, the ice is still underneath the floor.

"There's an inch and a quarter metal deck that sits over that ice, so it protects it." says Eaves.

While he admits the next couple weeks might be a little busier than normal, he predicts they'll be able to take it all in stride.

"If both the Leafs and Raptors play seven game series, we'll be changing over the building on nine straight days."