WATCH: How often do garage employees really go joyriding?

It's a trope you've seen on TV and in the movies countless times.

A sleazy-looking guy in grease-covered coveralls at a garage takes a hot car out for a joyride while the owner isn't looking.

A Mississauga man went public this week with dashcam footage from his Mercedes C63 that recorded two employees taking his car out to get ice cream after a service appointment in 2015. He also claims one of his rims was cracked in the process and that he was charged $700 for a transmission job that was never done.

Automotive writer David Booth says joyrides from garages are hardly a common occurrence.

"I've visited lots of garage stations all the time. I just didn't see any evidence of this, or more importantly, any desire," Booth tells NEWSTALK 1010. "They're around cars all the time.

Booth says maybe a young employee just starting out, changing tires would be tempted, but they wouldn't have access to cars as long as the boss was around.

If there is a business ripe for joyriding, Booth it's car rental shops.

"They're filling up cars, they're all picking them up, delivering them, changing them between venues. So a little side trip to have a little fun, it's very, very easy."

Booth worked at a car rental place for a few summers many years ago

"I can neither confirm nor deny that I may have taken some of the choicer cars out for a ride that was not completely authorized."