WATCH: Is Mike Layton running for mayor of Toronto?

If you want to know if Mike Layton plans to run for mayor of Toronto this year, don't ask him. Ask his kids.

The two-term councillor was asked about his political intentions on NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning Wednesday with at least one of his young daughters chiming in in the background.

"I'm going to have to ask them," Layton said with a laugh when asked if he is aiming for the mayor's job. "If we can get one of them out of diapers between now and next October then I think we'd have a better shot, but I'm not putting any bets on that."

Layton and wife Brett Tryon welcomed their second daughter Chloe on November 23. She is little sister to Phoebe who turned two in November.

Layton's name has been floated as a possible progressive challenger to mayor John Tory in this October's municipal election.

A Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll released in September poll shows Tory is vulnerable on his left flank.

While the poll puts Tory 27 points ahead of Doug Ford, who has declared his intention to run for mayor, Tory's lead shrank to just seven points with Mike Layton's name in the mix.

Mainstreet said in a three-way hypothetical race, Tory would garner 35% support, Ford 28% and Layton 26%.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

"We need someone with vision for this city. We need someone that's going to take us down a different path," Layton told NEWSTALK 1010 Wednesday.

A few hours later, Tory shrugged at the possibility of Layton challenging for his job.

"I'm just not concerning myself much with this. There's endless speculation on people who might run and of course, I hope if people want to, that that's exactly what they'll do," Tory told reporters.

Candidates can register to run for mayor between May 1 and July 27. The city-wide election is set for October 22.