WATCH: Liberal MPP argues 16-year olds deserve the right to vote

There's talk at Queen's Park about giving the right to vote to people at young as 16.

Its comes from a private member's bill put forward by MPP Arthur Potts.

The Liberal member for Beaches-East York was flanked by several young but politically active voters as he talked about his proposal on Monday at the Legislature.

Potts admits that chances are slim to none that the bill will be turned into law before the spring election rolls around but insists that its the discussion surrounding the idea that is most important.

He believes the best way to get young people interested and engaged in politics is by giving them the responsibility of having a say in decisions that affect their lives -- especially surrounding post-secondary education, which at 16 years old is only a year or two away.

Potts argues that political parties have been too keen to cater to older people, who are more likely to vote.

He says lowering the legal voting age would be an ideal way to turn the tide on falling voter turn-outs.

The Beaches-East York MPP hopes his proposal has a future, no matter which party forms the next government.