WATCH: Man hangs off TTC bus in "reckless" and "stupid" stunt

The TTC is calling a stunt captured on camera reckless, dangerous and stupid.

Video posted to Twitter Thursday night shows a man hanging off the back of a bus. He has his feet up on the rear bumper as he grips the top of an ad on the back of the bus.

It appears to be cell phone video taken from inside a car driving alongside the bus.

"What is this?" the man taking the video is heard saying. "Only in Toronto."

"It's incredibly reckless," says TTC spokesperson Brad Ross. "It's dangerous. It's stupid. This stunt could easily have resulted in very serious injury or death."

Ross says the TTC does not know when or where the video was taken.

"If we had caught him in the act... we immediately would have called police and special constables to deal with this."