WATCH: Mayor Tory 'open to considering' Innisfil-style transit alternative

Toronto Mayor John Tory tells NEWSTALK 1010 he's open to considering an alternative transit arrangement like one between Innisfil and Uber.

The town's deal with Uber means that starting May 1, citizens will pay $3-$5 for a ride between key destinations like the local GO station or town hall.

Paul Pentikainen, a policy planner for Innisfil tells NEWSTALK 1010's sister station CTV Barrie the partnership is the first between Uber and a Canadian municipality.

"It's a way of looking at transit more cost-effective than running buses."

Innisfil estimates a bus route would cost the town $270,000/year. The Uber deal is expected to cost the town of 36,000 about $100,000 in its first deal.

Mayor Tory says if the objective is to move people, he is open to considering anything, including an arrangement like that.

"We have to open our minds to new ways of doing things," Tory told NEWSTALK 1010 Tuesday.

He says the city should look at the Innisfil example and see if there's an application that would work in Toronto.

"There are many other ways you could do the same thing," he added. "To me, it's not about private or public (transportation), it's about moving people."

It wasn't a flat 'no' from the mayor of Mississauga but Bonnie Crombie did not appear to be as receptive to the idea for her city.

"It 's certainly an interesting concept for Innisfil, a small community that doesn't have a developed transit line," Crombie told reporters. "I don't know that that would work in Mississauga but I'm certainly willing to look at anything that helps people get to work."

Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca sees Innisfil's arrangement as a sign of creativity and innovation when it comes to getting people around and he predicts more 'disruption' in the transportation realm over the next few years.

with files from Justine Lewkowicz

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he’s open to considering an Innisfil-Uber style transit plan (see here). Do you think something like that would work in Toronto?