WATCH: Multi-million dollar drug bust leads Toronto Police to seize 25 guns

Toronto Police make 6 arrests in a drug bust that takes more than 60 kilograms of drugs off the street.

Detectives believe the cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy would have sold on the black market for an estimated $4 million dollars.

What really stands out in the show-and-tell that played out on Thursday at Toronto Police headquarters are the 25 guns authorities seized:

A collection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns that police say all belong to one of the accused.

The lead investigator, Acting Inspector Steve Watts, concedes the firearms were all legally purchased and belong to the registered owner, and there is nothing to suggest they've ever been used in a crime.

However, detectives seized the weapons and laid of charge of 'improper storage,' with the allegation being that at least one of the guns was 'being kept in close proximity to controlled substances.'

Watts suggests the owner might have been using them to protect his product.

The allegation is that two groups with links to Asian organized crime, were smuggling drugs into the Toronto region from the United States.

Investigators believe the drugs were brought into Canada in tractor-trailers.

The investigation took about 5 months and involved Federal agencies like the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency.

Authorities say one suspect is still on the run.