WATCH: New rules restrict use of recreational drones

Toronto police say they will not be "draconian" about enforcing new rules restricting the use of recreational drones.

It will be more about educating the public about the dangers involved, about using common sense and discretion, and about ensuring public safety. 

Federal transport minister Marc Garneau was at Billy Bishop airport Thursday to announce new regulations.

The use of recreational drones is no longer allowed at night, within 9km of an airport, or within 75 metres of a building, vehicle or people. 

It will be difficult to find a spot in the GTA where drones can still be legally used. 

The penalty is a fine of up to $3000.

Staff Sgt. Craig Young says Toronto police have also launched Project Flag, to monitor statistics surrounding drone incidents. 

More rules are coming in June dealing with minimum age, permits and knowledge testing.