WATCH: Not every restaurant gets it right in the latest convenience revolution

You might have noticed the bulky, insulated backpacks on the cyclists riding in the lane next to you.

Maybe you've crammed into an elevator with someone carrying a duffle bag full of chicken curry and samosas.

Food delivery couriers and the apps that dispatch them are becoming a part of an increasing number of restaurants across Toronto.

Lately, the NEWSTALK 1010 newsroom has recieved complaints from diners who claim that they seem to get punished for showing up at their favourite restaurant in person.

They tell stories of sitting through long waits beside the line-up at the counter, only to see order after order passed from the kitchen to a guy wearing a bike helmet and a 'Ritual' delivery bag.

Do these online orders really jump the queue?

We sent NEWSTALK 1010 reporter James Moore to take a bite out of this story.