WATCH: Officer docked a weeks pay for firing 23 times on a car

The officer who fired 23 shots into the engine block of a car, has been docked a weeks pay.

Constable Tash Baiati pleaded guilty to a charge of insubbordination under the Police Services Act.

It was back in September of 2015, on a warm, beautiful afternoon, officers attempted to box in a stolen Toyota Carolla at the intersection of Parliament and Mill Streets.

While two officers tried to detain the suspect, Baiati walked around to the front of the car, and opened fire.

According to an agreed statement of facts, he quickly fired off 14 rounds, then paused as the vehcile lurched forward, and fired off another 9 shots.

At the hearing, the Constable claimed he feared for his own safety and that of his peers, which is why he decided to pull his gun and start firing. He said that shouldn't be an excuse for what he did.

Patios were packed in the area with people taking advantage of the summer-like weather on that day and could have easily been hit by stray bullets.