WATCH: Oh deer! Young buck crashes through window of Oshawa bar

So a deer walks into a bar and says "ouch!"

Durham Police had a rare problem on their hands late Sunday morning after a deer ran through the window of the Atria Bar and Grill on King Street in downtown Oshawa. 

Witnesses say the 75-pound year-old male deer ran around the bar at first, but then became frightened and scared and hovered near the stage area.

He was also bleeding, but according to a Natural Resources Canada officer, the animal suffered only minor injuries and was held inside the bar until he could get proper treatment.  

Animal control officers required a veterinarian to come to the scene to tranquilize him, in order to safely move him. 

The deer is expected to make a full recovery, and Durham Regional Police say there was very little damage to the bar.

Other witnesses said they saw a total of three deer make their way through Oshawa's downtown area late Sunday morning.