WATCH: 'Ontario is open for business' border sign 'coming soon'

Maybe it wasn't just campaign bluster and hyperbole. 

According to Ontario's Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, a sign near the border with New York state declaring Ontario "open for business" is "coming soon".

Premier Doug Ford made the colourful pledge several times in his push for leadership of the Progressive Conservative party and again during the spring provincial election campaign.

In May, Ford repeated the promise at a news conference overlooking Niagara Falls alongside a truck with a digital sign on its side displaying"ONTARIO OPEN FOR BUSINESS".

Tara Walton/The Canadian Press

Minister Jim Wilson was asked about plans for the border sign Wednesday as he announced a series of round table discussions aimed at cutting regulation and red tape for business.

"I'm sure exactly where they'd put that," interim Liberal leader John Fraser said of the sign.  "But our borders have been open and we've been open for business and we've been doing great business for more than five years now."