WATCH: Ontario's finance minister less confident about this year's federal budget

Ontario's finance minister will be watching closely to see what the province will get from Ottawa when the Trudeau government reveals its next budget on Wednesday.

Minister Charles Sousa is being more cautious this year, waiting until after the federal budget is revealed before laying out his own fiscal plan.

In the 2016-17 budget, the province got billions less than expected on transit and infrastructure.

"Last year, I produced a budget prior to the federal government ... I made assumptions in that budget," Sousa says. "This time around, I'm waiting for them to come out first to determine what exactly is going to be there."

He says he will be looking for details on a new infrastructure bank meant to attract private investment, on how Ottawa plans to help businesses grow.  

"We have a lot of new companies that are growing rapidly, we want to make certain that they stay home," he says.

Sousa says he will also keep an eye out for funding for skills and development programs for youth.

"It's appropriate for us to enable our youth people ... to be prepared for those jobs of tomorrow, and enable us to be competitive."

He has also asked the federal government to change tax rules on real estate speculation.

Sousa has yet to announce the date he will reveal Ontario's budget.