WATCH: Ontario to help dying children affected by U.S. travel restrictions

The province has announced plans to help children who have been affected by the new travel restrictions in the U.S. under president Donald Trump.

Health minister Eric Hoskins says a "small number" of children from overseas, as young as four months old, have had life-saving surgeries cancelled because they can no longer travel to the U.S.

A number of American hospitals have contacted Sick Kids, he says, asking for help in providing the care the children need.

Hoskins says Sick Kids has very specialized care available that is rare in the world, and so he feels the province has an obligation to act.

"I look at this as really an expression of Ontarian and Canadian generosity."

It is unclear how many children have been affected or how many might be sent to Canada for surgery.

While hospital staff go over the cases they have so far been made aware of, Hoskins is in touch with the federal government about expediting arrivals.

He says the costs have not yet been worked out, some of which might be covered by humanitarian support available at Sick Kids.