WATCH: Ontario to review school curriculum as student math scores decline

Ontario is reviewing its school curriculum with a focus on student achievement in core skills such as math.

The announcement from Premier Kathleen Wynne today comes a week after standardized test results showed flat or falling math scores among public elementary school students.

The tests showed that only half of Grade 6 students met the provincial standard in math, unchanged from last year, and 62 per cent of Grade 3 students met the standard, a one percentage point decrease.

Wynne announced today that the government will start public consultations to modernize the curriculum particularly in math and what she calls transferable life skills.

Ontario will also introduce new report cards starting next school year that the government says will better track students' development.

Here is an example of how report cards will change next school year to simplify them for parents, and emphasize "transferableskills"

New Ontario report card

Justine Lewkowicz

The government is also looking to place more of an emphasis on equity and well-being, including physical activity, bullying and mental health.