WATCH: Patrick Brown not losing sleep over much-criticized interview

PC leader Patrick Brown says he isn't "losing sleep" over criticism for an interview he did with host John Moore on NEWSTALK 1010 Friday.

Listeners panned Brown's performance on the air and online as unprepared and inexperienced.

One listener said he was stunned that he was listening to the leader of the opposition. Another called the interview a "train wreck."


When asked Tuesday whether there is anything about the interview he would do over, Brown said he "doesn't lose sleep over it."

"I'm sure you give better interviews some days than you do other days," he says.

Brown has yet to provide his own solutions to bring immediate hydro bill relief, even though he has criticized the Liberal plan that will extend the number of years the province takes to pay down the hydro system debt.

"You can look forward to that in the near future," he said Tuesday of his own hydro plan.

When asked how he plans to convince voters that he is ready to be premier, Brown said he will continue to raise his concerns on the flaws of green energy and bad contracts with electricity producers.