WATCH: Police -- Justin Kuijer will face first-degree murder charge

Justin Kuijer will face a charge of first-degree murder when he is lead into a St. Catharines courtroom Thursday.

The Chief of Niagara Regional Police made the revelation the day after Kuijer was arrested some 2,000 km from home after five days on the run.

Kuijer is accused of killing his seven-year-old stepson Nathan Dumas in his home on Friday morning. Police believe Kuijer then drove to an RBC branch and stabbed an employee an employee of the bank. Police say Kuijer and the woman had a "professional relationship" but have not elaborated.


Police are not yet able to account for Kuijer's actions between St. Catharines and the place of his eventual capture, Kenora, Ont.

Chief Jeff McGuire says it was a citizen who spotted a familiar-looking minivan in the parking lot of a local Walmart who called 911.

Niagara Regional Police handout

McGuire credits media coverage and hundreds of thousands of online shares of photos Kuijer's face and the getaway van for his arrest there.

"It's because of those efforts that Kuijer is in custody today. And the community is safer today than it was before his arrest yesterday."

McGuire says Nathan's mother Whitney Dumas and the woman stabbed at RBC were "elated" to  learn of Kuijer's arrest and are overwhelmed by community support and well wishes.

A funeral for Nathan is planned for Friday afternoon. Dumas says she has been informed the cost of Nathan's funeral will be covered by police's victims' services office.

A GoFundMe page initially set up to help pay for the boy's funeral had raised close to $24,000 by Wednesday afternoon.

McGuire, a former homicide detective says his family has a long road ahead.

"My experience in the cases that I've been involved in is these things just don't get better. They may get better incrementally, but it's just a huge, unthinkable void in everyone's life to have to deal with something like that."