WATCH: Police looking for new tips in shooting of TTC fare collector

With a $25,000 reward, Toronto Police are hoping for new tips in a case that has gone cold.

It was five years ago, when a TTC fare collector was shot in the neck, in a robbery-gone-wrong at Dupont Station.

Cops say a suspect who shot a TTC fare collector in the neck five years ago had held up the same subway station twice in the months leading up to the attack.

Staff Insp. Mike Earl says no other similar robberies were committed after the shooting, which took place at Dupont subway station on the evening of Feb. 26 2012.

Earl says the case is ``very unusual'' and all investigative leads have now dried up.

Police are asking for help in identifying the suspect, who is described as a heavyset white man or woman in their 30s and likely left-handed.

TTC spokesman Brad Ross says the fare collector, who survived the shooting, is still on disability leave after experiencing ``medical issues'' during recovery.

He says that in the wake of the attack, the transit agency took several steps to protect the safety of its employees, including installing better bullet-proof glass at collection booths and reducing the amount of cash held on site in an effort to discourage robberies.

Toronto Police


Toronto Police