WATCH: Police now looking for two people in Vaughan shooting

York Regional Police say they have found the dark coloured Jeep Grand Cherokee, connected to a fatal shooting in Vaughan this week.

28-year-old Mila Barberi was shot and killed, on Tuesday while sitting in a vehicle outside of a store in the area of Weston Road and Highway 7.

A 40-year-old man was also shot, but police aren't revealing his identity.

York Regional Police

Investigators say they were called about the Jeep, and found it on the side of the road, near Steeles and Weston Road. They are still looking for a man who has been described as 6'2" tall, about 250 pound and was wearing dark clothing at the time.

His face was also covered at the time of the shooting.

They've since released new video, showing the shooter getting into and out of the passenger side of the Jeep, indicating that he wasn't alone.

Police have also been able to confirm that the vehicle was dumped within minutes of the shooting.

Officers are now asking anyone with information to come forward.

York Regional Police