WATCH: Police release CCTV footage of suspect car in Etobicoke homicide

Toronto Police have released surveillance video of a car thought to be involved in a homicide incident that happened in Etobicoke on Monday.

Paramedics attended the scene of a crash at Kipling Ave and Longfield Rd around 11.55 am, but quickly found the driver's injuries were more consistent with gunshot wounds.

The driver, 38-year-old Christopher Reid, died in hospital yesterday as a result of his injuries.

Police have been reviewing CCTV footage from the area at the time, and have identified a late model BMW which they think the suspected shooter fired from.

Toronto Police identify car wanted in Etobicoke homicide investigation

Provided by Toronto Police

They believe Reid's vehicle, a Hyundai Elantra, had been trailing about 12-14 seconds behind the suspect's vehicle for a time.

Det. Leslie Dunkley of Toronto Police says both vehicles were travelling eastbound from the 427/401 area of Eglinton Ave. W., before heading south on Lloyd Manor Road.

They then turned left onto Longfield Road and proceeded east for a time.

The suspect's vehicle, a white, late model BMW Crossover came to a stop, and the victim's vehicle, the Hyundai Elantra, pulled up alongside.

There was a brief pause, when the driver of the BMW fired a gun through open car windows, striking the victim.

The victim immediately fled, and made it about 150 metres before crashing onto the front lawn of a residential property on Stanthorpe Court.

Det. Dunkley says police don't yet know if the drivers knew each other, but said Reid was known to Toronto Police.

He also wouldn't speculate on whether he believed the shooting was targeted.

Toronto Police are now asking for any drivers who may have captured dash cam video at the time to contact them.

They also want to hear from the registered owners of any BMW Crossover vehicles matching the suspect's description, as part of their investigation.