WATCH: Police release new video in a series of shootings

Toronto Police have released a series of videos, in hopes of catching the people involved in recent shootings in the northwest corner of the city.

The first deals with a shooting that happened back in June, in an area of Jane and Steeles. Police say a group of men approached another group in a parking lot, in what started out as a robbery.

The next was at the end of August near John Garland and Martin Grove. A group was standing in front of a building, when two men approached and opened fire. A 20-year-old was hit, but lived through the attack.


The next was the most recent, happening on October 30th, near Jamestown Crescent and John Garland Blvd. Two people, their faces covered by masks, approached a group and began shooting. Two men in their 40's were injured, but lived.


If anyone has information on any of these cases, please call Toronto Police.