WATCH: Premier Wynne happy to let the haters hate

Premier Kathleen Wynne's latest approval ratings make even some of the most maligned governments in Ontario's history seem beloved by voters.

The latest survey from the pollsters at Angus Reid shows Wynne's popularity at a staggeringly low 12 percent.

Only 1 in 10 thinks the Premier is doing a good job.

Its news that comes as rumours at the Legislature swirl that Wynne's inner circle is pressuring her to step aside.

There are suggestions from senior Ontario Liberals that if nothing is done, Wynne's sagging popularity could sink the party in next year's provincial election.

A question-and-answer session on Friday morning about the automotive sector was derailed by questions about whether or not Wynne's days as Premier might be numbered.

Wynne stood firm, insisting that she's not going anywhere.

She was hammered with questions for about 10 minutes over how she could be optimistic in light of consistent signs through polling that her latest promises and proposals on hydro are doing little to stop the bleeding.

Wynne dismissed those concerns, adding that he believes a boost is around the corner -- when a summertime hydro rate cut lands on bills across the province.

The scenario is deja vu for the Liberals.

It wasn't long before the 2014 election that ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty stepped down in the wake of the gas plant and deleted email fiasco.