WATCH: Premier Wynne warns voters over electing PC or NDP majority governments

Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is making last-ditch efforts to warn voters away from electing a majority NDP or Progressive Conservative government.

Following an admission over the weekend that the Liberals won't win Thursday's election, Wynne is now making a pitch to voters to elect at least some Liberals to prevent a majority.

She says an NDP majority government would lead to indefinite strikes because of a rigid ideological opposition to back-to-work legislation.

Wynne also says she thinks Doug Ford has turned out to be ``even more disturbing to people'' than expected and she has talked to Conservatives who don't want to vote for him.

Wynne says that her candidates have said her weekend statement allows them to tell voters there will be a change in government, which is making people consider voting Liberal to prevent a Tory or NDP majority.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath began the day campaigning in London, where she said it was probably tough for Wynne to make her admission on the weekend, but called her plea to have Liberals keep the government in check ``tone deaf.''