WATCH: Scheer places disclaimer on spoof of 'Heritage Minute' attacking PM

OTTAWA - Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he has reposted his spoof of a Canadian Heritage Minute attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a disclaimer that indicates it has no connection to the non-profit organization that produces real Canadian Heritage Minute. 

Scheer came under fire from Historica Canada after he tweeted the Conservative Party-produced video on Saturday night, saying that ``Liberal scandals'' are ``a part of our heritage.''

Historica Canada said while it often welcomes parodies of the format, it does not approve of them being used for partisan political purposes.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the organization describes itself as a non-partisan charity that often works with governments at various levels regardless of political affiliation.

Late Sunday afternoon, the Conservative Party added the disclaimer, while Tweeting that upon reflection, "we realize the historical importance of Justin Trudeau actually being the first prime minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking ethics laws, and, as such, how that could be perceived as a real Heritage Minute."

However, the party restated that they would not want it being mistaken for a real Historica Canada production, "which typically showcase prouder moments in Canadian history."

- With files from Jackie Rosen/NEWSTALK1010